Insuring your pet in Mexico. Is it worth it?

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Insuring your pet in Mexico. Is it worth it?

Insuring your pet in Mexico. Is it worth it?
In many families, a pet is just another member of the family. More than half of all families have a pet (and 80% of them are dogs).

July 21 is celebrated around the world as World Dog Day, and it's important to remember the importance of these animals and the ways we can protect them.

Insurance is a good finanous tool that can help us protect our pets, in case of some unforeseen situation. Insurance can cover health-related expenses, or cover expenses that our dog may have caused to someone else. 

There are different insurances on the market that can help you in different situations. Let's go over the main reasons why you should think about it:

Health care

If you take out insurance for your pet, it will seriously reduce your cause for concern. If your pet starts having any health problems, it will be much easier for you to treat them. Generally, such insurance is responsible for all medical expenses (illnesses and accidents). There are also policies that cover veterinary consultations or vaccinations.

Damage to other people

Agree, it's unpleasant if your beloved dog ruins someone else's property and you have to pay some amount of money. This insurance exists just to cover such expenses. The insurance can cover the care or various medical services that a person may need because of your pet. This way you can worry less about what your pet has done.

Worst situations

Insurance can make your life a lot easier if something terrible happens. For example, if your pet dies after an accident, or if some person is a victim of an accident. Insurance can cover part of the funeral expenses, or pay some compensation.

Loss or theft

This situation is more than unpleasant, but can happen to anyone. If your pet is lost, you may be able to get some compensation.

Types of Pet Insurance

There are different types of insurance available. Let's list the most basic ones.

Insurances from BBVA Bancomer

With this insurance you can get good benefits, in the form of coverage for damage to other people (usually not more than 10,000 pesos), vaccinations and medical examinations (even at home). To be able to take advantage of this insurance, your pet must be between 6 months and 9 years old. This insurance must be renewed every year until the pet is 12 years old. You can cancel at any time.

Insurance from Mapfre

This insurance is designed to cover various medical expenses related to illness or accidents. It also covers damages to other people, search costs in case you lose your pet, funeral expenses. This insurance is available for pet owners who are less than 7 years old and start at 6 months of age. At the time of the contract, your pet must have a photo and vaccination card.

Sura Insurance

These insurances reimburse other people if your pet damages someone else's property or bites a person. It also covers the cost of medications and other medical circumstances. If your pet is stolen or lost, the company helps you with the search. This policy also covers euthanasia or funeral expenses. They also provide dog walking, bathing or grooming services.
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